Waking Up by Julien-K (Neutral Theme of Shadow)-203:21

Waking Up by Julien-K (Neutral Theme of Shadow)-2

"Waking Up
" interpretado por Julien-K es el tema del final Neutral del videojuego de Shadow the Hedgehog (juego).


Waking up, breaking out, this is what it's like to be free
thumb|300px|rightRip it up, tear it down, this is what it means to be free

Jet sounds a distant roar behind you
As you try to clear your head
You start to look and answers find you
Your inner purpose lies ahead


Waking up, breaking out, this is what it's like to be free
Rip it up, tear it down, this is what it means to be free
Waking up, breaking out, this is what it's like to be free
Rip it up, tear it down, this is what it means to be free

One step to calm a storm inside you
Unlock the secrets in your head
Not another day, no more confusion
No more living like you're dead

It seems it's just out of sight
The ones with answers always get their way
But I think they should know
That I'm coming from them

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**Solo controlable en Modo 2P o con Un Segundo control.

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